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"Loved it! Not only is this e-book a short read, but it has that page turner quality that we all enjoy at my office." goodreads
"I would recommend it to any young professional, aspiring entrepreneur or do-gooder. An awesome, awesome read!" goodreads

This short and engaging read uses Matthews’ straight-talk-no-chaser approach with anecdotes from her career highs and lows in art and business to help you cope with, understand and move past “the struggle” into the opportunity(ies) that are waiting for you.

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Tags: An Artpreneur's Guide to Pigging Out, Melissa Matthews, entrepreneur, young professionals, motivational, inspirational, page turner, Entrepreneurship, business and finances, the struggle

Business/Finances | Transitions: 277 | Date: 2017-03-21

How to Develop your True Self-Image, Overcoming your Fears, Banishing Worry and Anxiety, Step Into your Confidence 

Everybody wants to be happy. There is no one who would not want to wake up every morning with that wonderful feeling of elation in his or her soul, ready to embrace what life has in store. But the reality is that happiness – Real Happiness – is a very precious and rare commodity.
By the end of "REAL HAPPINESS –The quick & easy guide to a happy life", you will know for certain that your life will never be the same again.

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Tags: Happiness: REAL HAPPINESS –The quick & easy guide to a happy life, how to achieve real happiness, personal development, self help guide, personal growth, motivational, best tips and advice, ways to achieve true happiness, achieving true happiness, live a happier life, change your life, transform

Self Help | Transitions: 321 | Date: 2017-03-11

"A gripping, high-quality vampire adventure!"
"Beautiful, dark, engrossing...definitely 5 stars!"

Sebastian was turned into a vampire on his eighteenth birthday by his mother, whom he thought had died ten years earlier. His mother teaches him how to live amongst humans without spilling human blood. Almost two centuries later, his mother is killed and he blames humans. After a year of brutally killing humans to exact vengeance, he comes upon the young child of a woman he just killed...

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Tags: Sebastian: The Life of Sebastian and Hanna Greene, vampire stories, popular vampire novels, vampire literature, vampire fiction, vampire adventure, paranormal romance, vampire paranormal romance

Sci-fi | Transitions: 348 | Date: 2017-03-10

"Must read for those in customer support positions."

Are you miserable at work every day? What are you getting out of your job? Have you seen promotion opportunities open for you? Do you have good relationships with coworkers? How often are you stressed out, even after you get home? Does feedback from your boss make you feel proud, or frustrated?

Surviving Customer Service is here to help. Cut your learning curve and increase job satisfaction. 

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Tags: Surviving Customer Service: Avoid Burnout, Develop Valuable Career Skills, what is a great customer service, tips for surviving customer service, good relationship with colleagues, building great work relationship, ways to build good coworker relationships, establish and maintain good relationships, most valuable career skills to have, increase job satisfaction, How to Increase Workplace Satisfaction

Business/Finances | Transitions: 378 | Date: 2017-03-09

Build Your Financial Freedom Reselling Items On Craigslist, Ebay, And Etsy

There are a lot of things in our lives that we would like to do but just don’t have the money for. For example, do you have a business you would like to start but don’t have the funds? Than this eBook is for you. Is there a hobby you want to do more often but it is too expensive? Than get this eBook. Or are you struggling to pay your bill or get out of debt? 

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Tags: Make Money Flipping Your Stuff: Reselling Items On Craigslist, Ebay, And Etsy, make money without investing, make money without money, make money reselling items, resell items for a profit, how to make money flipping items, ultimate guide, build your financial freedom, flipping products online

Business/Finances | Transitions: 331 | Date: 2017-02-28

Are you feeling kind of concerned about not knowing the modern rules of getting a job? Not quite sure where the economy is going? Hoping for a better job, but not quite sure how to get it? Are you a recent college grad not sure how to get that first “real” job? Have you been laid off from your factory? Are you returning from a stint abroad? Looking to join the workforce after a prolonged hiatus?

Be Proactive Be Employed: Strategies to get hired in 2017 is a book designed to help readers understand the fundamentals of getting a job today.

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Tags: Be Proactive Be Employed: Strategies to get hired in 2017, getting a job nowadays, job seeking, job seekers, Job Seekers Guide, how to get a better job, getting a high paying job, Job search strategies for 2017, recruitment trends, successful job search strategies 2017, building a successful career

Business/Finances | Transitions: 350 | Date: 2017-02-23

"Colorfully illustrated throughout by Gigi Art, the book is certain to appeal to children in the five to ten age range. Especially with the imaginative story about Mr. Brown's family and their magical egg timer." - Good Kindle Reviews

This book includes themes and illustrations that will make you smile and encourage children to understand what cooperation and standing up for things that matter can be a wonderful thing for everyone involved, whichever side you may champion.
This is the first book from the Time Series. A collection of funny tales using the themes of Time.

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Tags: Timed to Perfection, children’s books, children’s ebooks, humorous children’s books, illustrated humorous books for children, educational children’s books, Colorfully illustrated children’s books

Entertainment | Transitions: 382 | Date: 2017-02-18

Blake Vanguard, ex-Navy SEAL and entrepreneur, is unable to come to terms with the circumstances of his wife’s horrific death. Using his military fighting skills, he seeks revenge on the organization he blames for her untimely demise - The Church of Consummate Redemption.

Having lost everything over his obsession, Blake is reduced to mundane private detective work before a beautiful woman with a tragic story hires him. The case he takes on clashes with the local police who are investigating a string of mutilations and gruesome deaths. With the clues piling up, it appears that an apocalyptic religious order may be responsible for these heinous acts.

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Tags: The Redemption Sect: A Novel, Private Investigators, Popular Private Detective Books, crime fiction, mystery novels, thrilling, thriller and suspense, best crime novels, essential mystery novels, murder

Mystery/Crime/Thriller/Suspense | Transitions: 376 | Date: 2017-02-09

Hailey is dating Corey, a successful chef. But she can't resist her temptation for Jackson, her unsteady, not quite together roommate. Jackson has always had a desire to be with her, but the timing always seemed to be off. Corey is everything any woman could want. So why is Hailey's head turned by Jackson?

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Tags: The Right One, erotic romance novels, short story romance, romantic novels, erotic romance fiction, best selling romance novels, popular erotica books, short story erotica, popular erotic novels, entertaining

Love/Romance | Transitions: 374 | Date: 2017-02-08

Penelope is not good at waiting and refuses to take her time. She likes moving fast even though it causes big mistakes. Will Penelope learn how to be patient or will her rushing cause even bigger problems?

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Tags: Patient Penelope, children’s ebooks, popular books for children, entertaining children’s books, amazon best sellers, recommended  ebooks for children, funny books for kids, best children’s humor

Entertainment | Transitions: 478 | Date: 2017-01-29

Bonus! 25 Pages of Keto Diet approved recipes!

-What ketogenic dieting is
-What foods to eat and what food to stay away from for rapid fat loss
-Health benefits of practicing a ketogenic diet

Much, much more!

Read more and download now. Click here
Tags: Keto Diet 101: The Complete Guide to Ketogenic Dieting, Lose weight, effective ways, building muscle, Ketogenic diet, Ketogenic diet plan, Keto diet, keto diet success, secrets to lose weight, guarantee ways to lose weight, effective weight loss plans

Cookbooks/Health/Weight Loss | Transitions: 416 | Date: 2017-01-25

Improve balance, strength and flexibility to regain or maintain independence 

The One Exercise Solution...written specifically for people who find consistent exercise challenging, you will find all the motivation you need.
The One Exercise Solution: Maximum Results with Minimum Effort aims to get you inspired to be more active, no matter what your reasons for avoiding exercise are.
The One Exercise Solution is your key to keeping your body moving, putting off that day, when you can no longer even get out of a chair.

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Tags: One Exercise Solution, Maximum Results with Minimum Effort, ultimate health guide, physical therapy, martial arts, nutrition, How to get started with exercise, How To Motivate Yourself To Work Out, motivation for exercise, how to be more active, increase your physical activity, Secrets to Regular Exercise Motivation

Self Help | Transitions: 423 | Date: 2017-01-20

Christmas Cats
It is Christmas time, and Inca is ready to enjoy the holiday season with her Siamese sister Cara and brother Fromage, not to forget their adopted hamster Charlotte. Life turns interesting when their neighborhood tough dog - Boss comes around asking for help...
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The Cats Who Crossed Over from Paris 
Inca, a Siberian puss, tells the story about her furry family – her brother Fromage, who is addicted to cheese and considers himself a cheese monger, and her sister, Cara, a gorgeous but timid Siamese.
Read more and buy now. Click here
Tags: Christmas Cats, The Cats Who Crossed Over from Paris, Inca Cat Series, fun books about cats, fantastic books, entertaining, unique books about cats, cat lovers, animal lovers, adventure books with cats, children’s books with cats, books with cats for young adults, humorous, amazing, unique

Entertainment | Transitions: 465 | Date: 2017-01-19

The ‘Shipload of Metal’ is a custom cruise for music lovers. A mind-blowing combination of Rock Festival and Caribbean Holiday.

This unique voyage has been on Zoey’s bucket list from the moment it was launched five years ago and when a stroke of luck brings her all-inclusive tickets, she flies across the world to realise her dream.
The sheer opulence of the ship and the raw energy of the music are a perfect combination for a fun in the sun romance but Zoey’s fantasy turns to horror when a VIP is found dead...

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Tags: ROCK THE BOAT, romance novel, music cruise ship, popular cruise books, Fiction books set on cruise ships, music lovers, mystery and suspense, mystery and thriller, thrilling novels, popular suspense novels

Love/Romance | Transitions: 404 | Date: 2017-01-12

This is a step-by-step guide for waste removal in your business and make multifold gain in income.

This is for the small business owner of industrial and commercial businesses who needs a reliable method for continual improvement without hype. Includes detailed steps and an exercise.

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Tags: Remove Waste Promptly Using Lean Manufacturing: Explosive Business Coaching Results, Waste Management, waste removal, lean manufacturing, business owners, small business, make money, quality control, management and leadership, generate serious income, business coaching

Business/Finances | Transitions: 410 | Date: 2017-01-08

Want to know how to get your self-published eBook in front of people who might be interested in purchasing it? 

This eBook will show you how to:

- Keep energising and promoting your work
- Achieve eBook marketing success
- Become a successful self-published author

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Tags: How to Successfully Market your eBook: A Beginner's Guide to Marketing Your Self Published eBook, how to market your book on amazon, how to market your ebook, Tips for Marketing Your Ebook, ultimate guide, how to market your self-published eBook, becoming successful self-published author, marketing tips, successful marketing campaigns

Marketing | Transitions: 421 | Date: 2017-01-05

"A very insightful look into relationships and their complex nature" 
"Very insightful book. A must read check it out!" 

From the beginning of time men and women have been on a quest to understand each other. Today, as our world becomes more complex on a day to day basis, it seems that our relationships with each other have also. Still, many men and women are seeking ways and answers to having more meaningful relationships with one another. 

Topics covered in the book include:  
What is attractive to men | Sex and the sexes | What men want | What women want | Basics on sustaining a good relationship with the one you love 

Read more and get it free. Click here 
Tags: What I Learned About Women While My Wife Was In Jail, A Guide To Help Women Better Understand Men, ultimate relationships guide, Sustain A Loving Relationship, Maintaining a Successful Intimate relationship, women’s guide, relationship advice for women, what men want, sex advice, what is attractive to men

Love/Romance | Transitions: 431 | Date: 2017-01-05

Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world today. This book captures its true beginnings. Martial arts with adult romance is a winning combination.

When a young Mick meets the powerful, spiritual, All-Japan Champion martial artist Kuni Hiro Yamamoto, his life is changed forever.
Yamamoto has come to Cambridge, England to teach martial arts and soon brings his family out from Japan to join him: Yoshi, his partner; Ko, his stunningly beautiful daughter; and Tatsu, his son, who studies literature at Cambridge University. They are all martial arts experts. 

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Tags: Micky-san, martial arts, adult romance, erotic romance novel, romance novel for adults, popular erotic romance novels, Japanese martial arts, Japan, Popular Adult Romance Books, erotic fiction, erotica

Love/Romance | Transitions: 436 | Date: 2017-01-04

Every human being strives for one thing: happiness. But as you well know, everyone strives to be happy by following different methods.

This book will show you 20 powerful habits that will catapult your happiness, confidence as well as overall quality of life.
-Habits For Increasing Happiness
-Habits For Increasing Self Confidence
-Habits For Increasing The Quality Of Life
-Motivational Habits

Read more and buy now. Click here
Tags: Health Habits, The Top 20 Habits for Increasing Happiness, Self-Confidence, and Quality of Life, Ways to Live a Happier Life, increase happiness, self help, personal development, habits proven to make you happier, happiness habits, How to Improve Your Self-Esteem, Boost Your Confidence, ultimate guide

Self Help | Transitions: 415 | Date: 2016-12-28

Discover The Simple Basics Of Fat Burning and Healthy Nutrition  

With this book, you will finally understand the mechanism in your body, to understand how to reduce your body fat and reveal the fat burning secret. 
-How does the ideal Training look like
-How to Speed up your metabolism
-What is Fitness and do we Need it?
-much, much more...

LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT. Read more and download now. Click here
tags: BURN BELLY FAT, Fat Burning Secret,  The Simple Basics Of Fat Burning And Healthy Nutrition, how to reduce your body fat, ultimate guide, speed up your metabolism, Ways to Boost Your Metabolism, transform your body, self help, tips and advice, Proven Ways, Lose Stubborn Belly Fat, effective methods

Cookbooks/Health/Weight Loss | Transitions: 389 | Date: 2016-12-28

This is a BDSM Femdom Erotica book for adults only.

When strong-willed businesswoman Anna is cheated on by her philandering husband, Jack, she is devastated. But she quickly decides to change the way she approaches their relationship and takes matters into her own hands.
She aims to get her revenge in a way which will satisfy all her sexual desires, as well as leaving Jack in no doubt as to who is in charge in their marriage.

Read more and buy now. Click here
Tags: Wretches and Queens, Infidelity in full circle, BDSM Femdom Erotica¸ BDSM Erotica books, Popular BDSM Books, Erotic BDSM Books, best BDSM erotica, erotic BDSM you should read, books for adults

Love/Romance | Transitions: 404 | Date: 2016-12-19

Aaron Aardvarkian's past life and his outrageous adventures are revealed. 

Aaron courts Alisa Aleksandrina by email. She is a woman from Almaty Yeli, the land of the wild, tough, and spicy apples.
She appears to be much smarter than he, but is she? 
They decide not to trade photographs unless they fall in love. When that day arrives, one will be surprised, but which one?
She comes to America to visit him.
They travel to his hometown, a small town in the rural South. 
He introduces her to his family, including his fiesty mom.

Read more and buy now. Click here
Tags: 997 Jokes, A Primer of My Life So Far, humorous fictional autobiography¸ Most Hilarious Memoirs, fun and entertainment, hilarious bios, funny men memoir, entertaining autobiography, entertaining autobiography books, Autobiographies you Should Read, adventure, love, marriage

Entertainment | Transitions: 476 | Date: 2016-12-18

Lippy Kids podcast host, Oscar Zurano, lays out in his YouTube 'documentary' the short life and violent death of Aden Oliver Baker: his murderous rampage in Manchester, New Hampshire that left 12 dead – ending by his own hand, and the manifesto he left behind detailing his thoughts and beliefs on just why he did it.

There's no such thing as bad publicity. We've all heard this refrain before. The future mass murderer Aden Baker lived it from his earliest years in grade school when he coined the saying: “Notoriety is better than complete anonymity.”
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Tags: Lippy Kids,  Aden Baker: Notoriety and Anonymity, Contemporary Fiction, dark humor, mystery, thriller, suspense, thrilling story, horror story, mass murderer, Youth Violence, biography books, crime story

Mystery/Crime/Thriller/Suspense | Transitions: 391 | Date: 2016-12-15

The Art of Schmearing is really a game of elimination. The game could be taught to even the youngest children and it creates an atmosphere where innocent people could be targeted. Why you may ask? Well it's the phenomenon of the civil war created by a culture of jealousies, with grouping behavior and no honor. The Art of Schmearing is really a program of operating to take territory and the identity politics within the operative is socially manifested by jealousies and victimhood. The book is meant to question the mode of operation of ethnic cultural racism Jewish projection's effect on American society. It's also meant to raise awareness to the treatment of individuals out of group operating...

Click here to buy now. 
Tags: The Art of Schmearing, The Rise of Bitch and the Fall of Man, Discrimination & Racism, cultural racism, society and racism, race relations, sociology, Best Sociology of Race Relations, novel, Jewish

Literature/Culture | Transitions: 536 | Date: 2016-12-13

Journey through the life and accomplishments of the 16th president of the United States of America.

Discover everything from the birth of Lincoln, his rise to presidency, to his assassination. 

Read more and buy now. Click here
Tags: US PRESIDENTS; White House Life and Beyond - Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States, Life Before the Presidency, Facts about Abraham Lincoln, Journey through the life of Abraham Lincoln, US history, Best Books about Abraham Lincoln

Literature/Culture | Transitions: 524 | Date: 2016-12-09

"Want it be a rockstar?"
"An Amazing Insight Into Self"
"This is a great book for examining "your" beliefs and how they work ..."

Have You Chosen Yourself?
Are you looking for the fast track in life?
No other book provides the complete steps to ultimately mastering your life...

Start Your Journey of Belief Today. Click here to learn more
Tags: The Rise of the Chosen Ones, How to Choose Yourself for Greatness, personal development, Building Self-Confidence, create strong self-belief, boost your confidence, powerful psychological models, gaining confidence, A Guide to Gaining Self-Confidence, Believe In Yourself, motivational, inspirational

Self Help | Transitions: 438 | Date: 2016-12-04

New to sales? Selling can be simple, with the right direction... This eBook shows you how to keep it very simple (from someone who has sold many millions of dollars worth of products and services) while increasing your sales numbers just like thousands of other individuals who have followed my simple strategies.

This eBook will show you EXACTLY what you have been needing to work less and sell more.
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Tags: Work Less, Sell More Sales Formula, how to sell more, best marketing strategies, proven methods to generate more sales, increase sales, grow your business, achieve your goals, self help, success formula, sell better and faster, tips for how to sell more, ways to sell more, keep customers coming

Business/Finances | Transitions: 550 | Date: 2016-12-02

A Foolproof, Science-based Diet that's 100% Guaranteed to Melt Away 12 to 23 Pounds of Stubborn Body Fat in just 21 Days!
You're about to learn the underground fat burning secrets of elite bodybuilders, celebrities and fitness gurus who use a little known extreme diet system that literally forces your body to melt away one to two pounds of stubborn body fat every single day for the first seven days - and then another three quarter to one full pound of fat everyday in the two weeks that followed - and yes, these results are typical.

Learn more. Click here
tags: fast fat burner, weight loss secrets, how to get ideal body, weight loss secrets for men, weight loss secrets, free weight loss secrets, weight loss secrets for women, fast weight loss program, fast weight loss tricks, fast fat burning workouts, best weight loss programs, easy weight loss tips, weight loss tips for women, how to get rid of belly fat, how to get rid of belly fat fast

Cookbooks/Health/Weight Loss | Transitions: 438 | Date: 2016-11-27

Most ‘how to make money’ eBooks begin by telling you, in great detail, how you can make enormous sums of money while sitting at home in your pyjamas. This eBook, Happy Customers, Happy Profits, does not

Happy Customers’ Happy Profits, details, step by step, what to do to become another Amazon success story. 
...everything, in fact, you will need to make a successful start in your Amazon book-selling business, and then to scale it to whatever level you want - full or part-time.

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Tags: Happy Customers, Happy Profits: The Introductory Guide to Selling Used Books on Amazon, make a living by selling used books on Amazon, best Tips and advice to Selling Used Books on Amazon, become successful Amazon seller, achieve your goals, build your financial freedom, ultimate guide, full time income, home based opportunity, Ways to Profit Selling Used Books on Amazon

Business/Finances | Transitions: 559 | Date: 2016-11-19

Python is an extensively used programming language which is designed to highlight code readability. Its syntax provides programmers with an opportunity to express ideas in fewer lines of code than is possible in other languages, like Java. 

Learn the basics to Python Programming, begin coding within days!
•Explore the world of Python Programming
•Exploit the benefits for yourself
•Discover Python’s great features
•Create the perfect program for you or someone else

Read more and buy now. Click here
Tags: Python Programming, Beginners Guide To Fast And Skillful Programming With Python, Python For Beginners, Python Language, Python Beginner Tutorial, becoming python developer, How to become an expert Python programmer, proven tips and trick, strategies, learn Python language, step by step guide

Computers/Science/Technology | Transitions: 475 | Date: 2016-11-15