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Big Mountain (band) is poised to reclaim its international crown. Lead singer Quino has one of the most recognized voices in pop music and considering their past successes, Big Mountain plans to release a new album in 2013. Big Mountain has toured hundreds of cities in more than 30 countries and sold more than 2 million albums and 6 million singles. Their fame spread quickly when they recorded a reggae version of Peter Frampton’s song "Baby I Love Your Way,” which was featured on the soundtrack of the Ben Stiller and Wynona Ryder movie Reality Bites....
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Music | Transitions: 383 | Date: 2015-10-05

Project O.N.D was created for diehard fans of the undead and the macabre. Zombie fiction made by horror lovers, for horror lovers! We all love a good zombie story from time to time, and now we can share in the enjoyment of reading and creating the ultimate zombie story together.

That’s right, this project is not only for the readers out there, but allows horror loving members to take part and have a hand in crafting the ultimate horror story. O.N.D. (One Night Dead) is an old school, "Choose Your Own Adventure” style story for adults that love the zombie genre, and want to immerse themselves in a world of snapping, flesh hungry jaws and festering, bloated, walking corpses.
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eBooks | Transitions: 249 | Date: 2015-10-05

Welcome to

In the recent years, "HYPENOTIC BEATS" has become an unique Brand in the Music Business. Today it´s crucial for Artists having an excellent sound to make it in the Industry. Buy Beats Online is the best opportunity to get this High Quality Sound. Hypenotic Beats covers a wide Range of Styles to be your #1 Source for Instrumentals.

If you are looking for Rap , Hip Hop , RnB  , Trap and Pop Beats, you´ve just come to the right Place. We also offer you Custom Beats.

Every Beat produced by Hypenotic is Handmade. That's a promise ! We dont´t use Samples or premade loops !
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Music | Transitions: 301 | Date: 2015-10-05

ProfessU is designed exclusively for a wide and diverse audience with enlightened curiosity. ProfessU was created to give a positive voice to entertainment and sports figures in trending news, interviews and unique spotlights. ProfessU promotes these positive images, videos, and stories to allow our audience to experience the multifaceted nature of the individuals we highlight, which our audience is generally limited to observing only isolated aspects of these well-known figures’ lives. Delivering unparalleled access into their work ethic, education, volunteerism, and philanthropy, ProfessU gives you more where you have been receiving less.
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Music | Transitions: 337 | Date: 2015-10-03

In addition to coaching those who wish to better their skills in acting, voice and speech, and singing, CYC also offers coaching for non-actors; i.e., attorneys, business professionals, teachers, politicians, pageant participants, and other creatives.  CYC can help non-actors improve their public speaking and communication skills by learning to strategically vary vocal quality, by exploring and expanding choices in voice inflection, tone, stance, hand gestures, and level of gaze, and by learning proper breathing and relaxation techniques.  CYC can help the non-actor to acquire the confidence and skills necessary to ensure that the audience (jury, clients, co-workers, friends) is always listening and fully engaged.
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Photography | Transitions: 384 | Date: 2015-10-03

A blank canvas, a glass of wine. Your creativity unleashed! Looking for a way to explore your artistic side but not sure where to start? “Somewhere In TimePaint Mixers” offers an exciting, creative class for both the artistic and not so artistic. Come out and join Fairton’s newest entertainment spot for an evening of painting, sipping and enjoying the company of friends. No experience required! Bring your own favorite beverage & snacks! All classes 100% novice oriented, no skills required, guaranteed!
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Photography | Transitions: 328 | Date: 2015-10-03

Join Stockmile today and discover the Best Image Collections!
Over 30 million high quality stock photos and vector graphics, clipart, illustrations, media files, fonts, icons from 0,00 €.
The gallery ABSOLUTELY FREE IMAGES. The gallery 1 € IMAGE COLLECTION with photos in full resolution!
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eBooks | Transitions: 324 | Date: 2015-10-03

Are you passionate about creating? Are you a dreamer, a writer, a musician or have a sketchbook filled with drawings that you long to share? Furthermore- do you want to use art to make the world a better place, and connect with other people?

We are inviting you to submit your works of art to our cause; making art for art’s sake! This is an invaluable opportunity for creative minds to come together from all corners of the world, sharing their talents and passions despite being limited in your own public marketing skill.
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Music | Transitions: 345 | Date: 2015-10-03

Real Feng Shui gifts, based on Feng Shui art principles.

You've seen the wide variety of amazing holiday gifts that are available at Explosion Luck.
You can truly inspire someone with the gift of a single Feng Shui painting, Buddha thangka or Inuit sculpture. Every gift we have here brings different effects and suits different people, with different circumstances. However, there is definitely going to be a gift here that will suit one of your loved ones and will truly help them. From students to professionals to moms to entrepreneurs, we've got a gift that will change their life around forever.
No other gift in the world has the power to change someone's life around much, but here at Explosion Luck, we believe that our Feng Shui gifts truly can.
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Arts and Crafts | Transitions: 363 | Date: 2015-10-03

Selling Coins, Stamps, Banknotes!
Gift coin with every purchase!
Buy 3 or more items and shipping is absolutely free - no charge at all!
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Arts and Crafts | Transitions: 286 | Date: 2015-10-03

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