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Looking for original & signed artwork to buy?

Don't look any further.

Discover original artwork from the world's most talented Russian painters.

One-off original signed artwork.

"The Couple" by Marc Frenkel
"Aupres De Ma Blonde" by Isaac Kaplan
"La Promenade Du Chien" by Eghor Kuptsov
"Has an Aperitif" by Yuri Denissov
"Lugano Lake Banks" by Konstantin Fedin
"Maria Naked" by Isaac Kaplan
"The Bride" by Josip Perelman
"Painter & Guitarist" by Samuel Veksler
"Sunday Afternoon" by Samuel Veksler
"Nestled" by Elena Khmeleva
"Woman Naked" by Isaac Kaplan
"The 4 Friends" by Samuel Veksler
"First Flight" by Vladimir Katushin
"Chez Irma" by Valery Panov
"Groupies" by Samuel Veksler
"Lido'Show" by Yuri Denissov

Find the perfect piece of art for you.

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Arts and Crafts | Transitions: 62 | Date: 2019-10-14

Welcome to The Force Gallery
Find Your New Star Wars Canvas Prints Today!

At The Force Gallery, you can find Star Wars, Harley Davidson, Sports, Movies, and more high quality wall canvas prints. 
The Force Gallery is an online marketplace that offers unique wall art in the form of premium-quality framed and unframed canvases. 
We strive to offer the best customer service and quality products at the best competitive prices. 

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Arts and Crafts | Transitions: 296 | Date: 2018-03-03

Dedicated to the varying art and customs of ethnographic and indigenous people throughout the world. 
Find objects from cultures everywhere from Africa, Australia to Papua New Guinea, and many places in between.

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Arts and Crafts | Transitions: 203 | Date: 2017-11-08

Drawing inspiration from the art deco scene with a dash of op-art thrown in, Ryan has designed 30 hard-edged geometric forms great for stress relief, stress induction, or just passing the time.
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Arts and Crafts | Transitions: 290 | Date: 2016-08-29

Put your precious photos on blankets, pillows and apparel. Turn treasured memories into useful applications, with

PersonalThrows brings you personalized photo throws, photo pillows, tote bags and custom photo wall hangings, which are custom made to order through dye sublimation printing or jacquard loom weaving. 
Each of the woven PersonalThrows products are individually woven on a loom utilizing richly colored cotton yarn. 
We offer one of the biggest selections in personalized photo blankets and personalized home decor products. 
Our custom photo blankets are available in woven, plush, and fleece varieties. 
Not to mention our exceptional custom made photo tapestry wall hangings that give personal home decor a new name with photo pillows and photo tote bags to compliment it!
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Arts and Crafts | Transitions: 450 | Date: 2016-06-30

Find lovely & fun designs for print.
Stickers are SO fun! And everything is printable, that is the best part of this shop.
Let's have fun with a cute smile and good feelings
This is made with love by me for happy people like you
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Arts and Crafts | Transitions: 362 | Date: 2016-04-26

Do you work in a fast-paced office and are looking for ways to surround yourself with the positive energy of Feng Shui art, Buddhist tapestries, Buddha statues, Feng Shui decorating pillows and Buddha cushion covers?

Tibetan thangkas and Buddha sculptures are exactly what you're looking for, especially if you want to harmonize your office Feng Shui in order to boost your health, prosperity, and career advancement!

Tibetan Thangkas (also spelled tangkas, thankas or tankas) bring good luck and positive vibes to the offices that are wise enough to invest in them.  Buddha Thangkas are artworks of meditation that enhance personal healing as well as increase focus, concentration, and prosperity!
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Arts and Crafts | Transitions: 398 | Date: 2015-11-24

Grasshopper art has deep roots in Europe and Asia. As the grasshopper grows in the Mother Nature, it carries and spreads positive Feng Shui energy everywhere it leaps.  The grasshopper’s beauty combined with its natural harmony makes each Explosion Luck grasshopper art statue a truly unique good luck gift for your loved ones and friends.
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Arts and Crafts | Transitions: 394 | Date: 2015-11-17

Buy inspirational jewelry, Buddhist artifacts from China, Tibet, Nepal, India, framed Feng Shui canvas art and unframed stretched museum quality canvas prints, positive energy classic and contemporary paintings, office art, sand art pictures, decorative fine art paintings, collectible Inuit Eskimo soapstone art carvings, Buddhist art Tibetan thangkas, jewelry boxes, Buddha statues, antique Tibetan amber pendant necklaces and inspirational art from around the world for sale in the Feng Shui art and jewelry store Explosion Luck.
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Arts and Crafts | Transitions: 358 | Date: 2015-11-11

Decorate your home and office with unique one-of-a-kind Explosion Luck antiques, vintage gifts for her and for him, and collectibles.  Not only they make great holiday gifts but also lift your spirits and enrich your life when you realize that these positive energy antiques help you travel vicariously through different times and experience different cultures.
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Arts and Crafts | Transitions: 386 | Date: 2015-11-10

Now that you've chosen your favorite Explosion Luck Feng Shui pendant necklace, it's time to select a Feng Shui jewelry box that will do justice to your Feng Shui jewelry.

The Feng Shui treasure boxes below are great not only for your own personal enjoyment, but also make great holiday and Christmas gifts, romantic gifts, Valentine Day's gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts for women and girls.
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Arts and Crafts | Transitions: 344 | Date: 2015-11-10

Buy Sand Pictures, Moving Sand Art for Office and Home Feng Shui
Our stunning 3D moving sand pictures will melt away your stress and improve your office and home Feng Shui. Moving sand pictures represent the earth element and are excellent for grounding scattered energy or assisting with focus, productivity and balance.
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Arts and Crafts | Transitions: 365 | Date: 2015-11-07

Real Feng Shui gifts, based on Feng Shui art principles.

You've seen the wide variety of amazing holiday gifts that are available at Explosion Luck.
You can truly inspire someone with the gift of a single Feng Shui painting, Buddha thangka or Inuit sculpture. Every gift we have here brings different effects and suits different people, with different circumstances. However, there is definitely going to be a gift here that will suit one of your loved ones and will truly help them. From students to professionals to moms to entrepreneurs, we've got a gift that will change their life around forever.
No other gift in the world has the power to change someone's life around much, but here at Explosion Luck, we believe that our Feng Shui gifts truly can.
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Arts and Crafts | Transitions: 510 | Date: 2015-10-03

Selling Coins, Stamps, Banknotes!
Gift coin with every purchase!
Buy 3 or more items and shipping is absolutely free - no charge at all!
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Arts and Crafts | Transitions: 407 | Date: 2015-10-03