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Chasing Owen is the story of Nick Grey, a professional medium, he uses his power to speak to the dead to help people find things. When the Forest family asks him to help them find their friend Owen Chase, Nick says no problem. However problems do arise as they they normally do. When Nick finds himself in a bad situation it's up to him to turn it into a good one. Chasing Owen is a fun fast read with dark humor and zany characters that will keep you turning pages and laughing the whole way through!.
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Tags: Chasing Owen: A Nick Grey Mystery, mystery novella, suspenseful, thrilling, mystery and suspense, thriller and suspense, supernatural, best selling mystery books, best selling thriller novellas, fun, entertaining, dark humor, humorous

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Fragments of Fear: Bite Sized Bits of Terror by Michael Kelso
Twenty stories of horror designed to chill and thrill all in five hundred words or less.
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Tags: Fragments of Fear, horror stories, horror ebooks, fiction and literature, horror story books, short horror stories, short horror stories that will scary you,

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If you're reading this then you've already started the path to a brighter future. Congratulations. Buying land is a great investment decision that could change your fortunes virtually overnight. Land is a much sought after asset and you could do multiple things with it – build your own home, sell it to a hungry builder, or use the property as a long-term investment. Research is everything. Although it may feel like a daunting task, when you first start looking for land, detailed research is the key to finding favorable outcomes.
To start with, here’s a list of what can go wrong when you’re negotiating a land deal that’s about to happen:

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Tags: The 5 Biggest Land Buying Mistakes, fatal land buying mistakes, avoid land buying mistakes, free ebook, how to avoid land buying mistakes, 5 Biggest Mistakes When You Buy Property, Advice When Buying Land

eBooks | Transitions: 605 | Date: 2016-04-17

This is a story where Epic Mythologies and powerful heroes collide with incredible style and a sense of rhythm. In the world of Planet Bop, follow the tale of Buzzy better known as DJ B-Quick, The Spinner supreme as he embark on an epic journey teaming up with young, wild and reckless crew to save his mentor, Grandmaster Fearless from the clutches of MC Crispy and the Evil Dekeeto Dragon. Their reign of terror has awaken the worlds darkest creatures looking to take over Planet Bop and bring them Buzzys head. It's up to B-Quick and his squad to stop them. They must find all of the elements across the world to power up with their musical abilities and bring the noise to their front door and take their home back by bringing the fight to them. Before we take this ride remember, this is a planet at war like you've never seen. Expect to see nonstop action and hectic fun. Its time to AMPLIFY!!
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Tags: Amplify: The B-Quick Oddyssey, science fiction, sci-fi, science fiction and fantasy books, children’s sci-fi books, powerful heroes, super heroes, animated children’s books, epic, entertaining, adventure, journey, Fairy Tales, action and adventure, non stop action, extreme, musical, amazing, unique

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"Adorable, uplifting,and enchanting! The best romance I've read in years! I want to move to Kissing Bridge and live in their world. I loved both the first two in the series but this might be the best yet!!!!"
S. Stevens Kindle Good Books

The final book in the #1 Best Selling Series!
1 Best Selling Series in Holiday Romance
Once you come to Kissing Bridge you'll never want to leave.
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Tags: Chocolate Kisses and Love Filled Wishes, Easter on Kissing Bridge Mountain, humor, romance, excitement, inspirational, Holidays, refreshing, enjoyable, entertaining, unique, amazing, Holiday, romace, love, Christian, Easter, Holiday romance, romance and love books, best selling,

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