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"Interviewing Like a Boss" provides a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of interviewing, including managing an interview schedule; employing questioning, prompting, and probing strategies; and assessing interview material.

The author intends to help readers conquer their interviews with confidence by understanding a few easy principles. A job interview is an adventure, not a destination. This book walks readers through each phase of the interview process so they can do their best.

Follow the research and preparation standards provided earlier in the book to interview like a boss.

What you'll learn:

• What TO DO in an interview
• What NOT to do during an interview
• Who’s the Boss in an interview
• What are the roles and responsibilities of a boss
• Why does your presentation MATTER
• How do you think you should look at an interview
and so much more...

Customer reviews

"Easy Read with Big Impactful jewels! Inspired! Great Job! Looking forward to more from the author. This gave me the confidence to control and trust the process."

"Great book to use when polishing up on your interview skills. You won't be sorry if you purchase the book."

"Great Book! Wow. This book is packed with lots of great pointers. Totally work it. Buy it."

Interviewing Like a Boss is Available in Kindle and Paperback

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