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Improve Speed and Athletic Performance Through Resistance Training With Myosource Kinetic Bands™
Try the Kinetic Bands™ for two minutes during your normal workout routine and we guarantee you'll feel the difference!
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Sport and Fitness | Transitions: 850 | Date: 2015-10-13

Welcome to Pro Sports Group!
Pro Sports Group is the oldest and most reputable company training individuals to "Become Sports Agents". We train Sports Agents, enhance their skills, give them resources and provide the guidance needed to ensure success. We also have Sports Agent Directories available for high end professionals wishing to work with agents. We are celebrating 14 years of success. Our continuing goal is to help agents, athletes, and business professionals serving the $186 billion dollar sports industry win in this very competitive environment.
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Knockout Fitness provides a quality boxing program that offers solutions no matter what your goals are. Located in the heart of Federal Hill, Knockout Fitness is quickly becoming Baltimore’s Best Boxing & Fitness Gym. We currently run classes for athletes looking to compete in amateur and professional boxing. We also have classes for members simply looking for a fun way to get in shape and tone up. Our variety of classes is designed to fit every budget, all experience levels, and all demographics including male, female, child, adult, in shape, and out of shape. We teach top level boxing techniques and each member will receive top level instruction and training. Everybody at Knockout Fitness is there to achieve a goal, and we pride ourselves in working together to reach those goals!
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