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Our investigations and intelligent surveillances are simply outstanding and second to none, capped with affordable rates (including a free consultation), quality hands-on customer service (24/7 Chat and Support) and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer a wide variety of investigation’s suitable for client needs. They include;
1. Real Time Intelligence 2. International Investigations 3. Private investigator and private investigations 4. Business Intelligence 5. Background Checks 6. Intelligence Investigations 7. Business intelligence and financial investigations; 8. Computer investigations
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BIOIMAGER specializes in providing the turn-key and high efficient microscopy-based imaging solutions for life sciences and industrial applications, including epi-fluorescence, biological, metallurgical and polarizing microscopy products. The primary services include (but not limited to) sales, custom-design/OEM, on-site installation and training, repair and maintenance, and free of charge imaging of your samples or animals in our site. We offer high-end live cell imaging tools and cutting-edge material inspection imaging software and hardware. Our success is primarily due to our determination in satisfying our customers, considering their needs and most importantly meeting their imaging requirements within a budget limit. We offer unlimited technical supports via phone and email and free consultation.
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For more than 30 years, our firm has represented companies and individuals with the utmost integrity, imagination, and commitment.

Our team of skilled lawyers and paralegals offer more than 75 years of combined experience in a range of complex personal and business issues.

We love thinking differently to solve the most unique and challenging cases.

We're always a phone call away and while we're based in beautiful Brattleboro, Vermont, we practice everywhere in Vermont as well as in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Ready to help.
We're eager to serve your legal needs. Send us an e-mail or give us a call today.
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We are the world's most experienced private detectives and as ex-police we have contacts every where to carryout surveillance, investigate, watch follow and find missing persons, bank accounts or locate stolen children .We also carry out background checks, due diligence and act on internet romances or cyber bullying and advise on security. We are in all the USA and Uk, Europe and throughout Austral/asia. call now. ..
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