Fur, Lust & Magic Series: Book1: Heart of the Pride And Book 2: Shamaness of the Pride, 2:07 PM

An Erotic Thrill Ride of a Werelion Paranormal Romance Adventure
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HEART OF THE PRIDE - Alexis is finally getting to go to school to study music. Since her Mom died in a suspicious car crash her Dad has filled her life with a swinging door of bodyguards and kept her home. After gaining weight and having no freedom she feels like the only 24 year old that has never had a boyfriend in America...
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SHAMANESS OF THE PRIDE - The Pride is in South Dakota on the old family Ranch. Alexis and Derek are mated and lead the Pride with Brother Lion. The problem is the other women in the Pride resent Alexis and her place by Derek's side. Oh, and Freaks, Werewolves, are shooting up the nearby town bringing attention on the Pride...
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