Temptation 1: Book 1 (Strong Young Women Series) by Joyce Jordan, 11:23 AM

Faith Boston had finally agreed to move to New York after pressure from her sister and best friend, Hope, her friend Ana Boyd nee Summers and Jan Admiraal, a college friend. Each one had valid points that made it worthwhile to give it a try, but the cinch was after Jan of the Admiraal Media Empire agreed to let her write her own ticket to get her to join his family business. After that she couldn’t pass up that chance and the dream of working side by side with her sister, Hope was the delicious chocolate icing on the cake.

Now she was here and unfortunately right in the crosshairs of a man who couldn’t let anything in a dress pass by without sampling. He might be one of New York’s most eligible bachelors, but Faith was not interested. She had moved for many reasons, and none of them had included a man, men or an affair for that matter...
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