Shamaness of the Pride: Fur, Lust & Magic Book 2 - Sizzling New Release Thrill Ride, 1:12 PM

The Pride is in South Dakota on the old family Ranch. Alexis and Derek are mated and lead the Pride with Brother Lion. The problem is the other women in the Pride resent Alexis and her place by Derek's side. Oh, and Freaks, Werewolves, are shooting up the nearby town bringing attention on the Pride.

When Alexis’ power as a Shamaness wakes within her, she quickly learns that the spirits must be paid for the power they lend her. Learning the pleasures to be found in paying those spirits is addictive. Lucky she has Derek, her Werelion, to satisfy her own physical needs. But how long can she keep the erotic price the spirits demand from her secret when Derek & Brother Lion are already suspicious?
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