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- USBannerAds is the first and unique US Business Banner Catalog

- Each ad is manually approved

- Each ad consists of Title, Description, Tags, Banner Ad and Hyperlinks

- You can use Your own banner or banner created by us

- We accept different banner sizes

- The accepted banner formats are: jpeg, png, gif and HTML5. Flash support has been disabled!

- You can't add, edit or remove ads posted on USBannerAds. If You have any questions please contact us

- There are different types of ads: Standard, Featured, Sponsored links, Most Popular, Hot Deals

- Standard Ads have a lifetime position on the site and will not be removed

- Most Popular and Hot Deals ads are active for 1 year

- Broken or Inactive Ads will be removed without notice

- All Images used on the site are under CC0 license or provided by our customers

- You can request a copy of the banner and use it wherever You want

- Please contact us if You have any questions

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