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Welcome to Balance Bike Outlet.
We have been selling balance bikes since 2009 and are excited to share our expertise in selecting the perfect balance bike for your child.
Already a massive success in Europe, Balance Bikes are set to become a worldwide trend. Tests in Germany and other countries clearly show the benefits of not using training wheels on small bikes for children. The use of training wheels proved to stunt the gross motor skill development of a young child; which is why we recommend balance bikes. There are also noticeable improvements in a child's confidence and self-esteem. Children learn balance on Balance Bikes, and can then progress to bicycles without the aid of training wheels.
Shop our selection of wood and metal balance bikes from Strider Sports, Kinderbike, Kinderfeets, Wishbone Designs, Glide Bikes, FirstBike and scoot-alongs from German toy company Big.
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