Maubi Creations - 12 unique and elegantly designed silicone cupcake liners - Muffin Cupcake Liners, 1:50 PM

QUALITY NOT QUANTITY - Maubi Creations' unique and elegantly designed silicone cupcake liners have an extra layer added with white polka dots printed all around the vibrant red baking cups, making the cupcake liners more thicker and durable.
FREE GIFT - Receive a free copy of Maubi Creations Cupcake Recipes E-book, containing delicious and adventurous cupcake recipes! to test on your new cupcake liners
MAKE HEALTHY FUN - Maubi Creations' polka dots cupcake liners fit perfectly in to Bento boxes, making it easy to organise your healthy lunchtime snacks.
MULTI-PURPOSE - Our extra thick material cupcake liners can be used to make Muffins, Cheesecakes, Tiramisu and all other baked goods. Great for any occasion at home or on the go.
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