Moonlight Dreams: Messy Feed's Fairytales by J Deville, 6:25 PM

"It's not often these days that I come across something unique. This book has more thought in the structure and names of the chapters than several entire novels I've recently read. Werewolves, dragons, poisonous flora, temples, and even a little treasure awaits any reader who takes in Moonlight Dreams!"

Messy feed's action-packed series is a variety of tales intertwined with ghostly/monster activity. 
Visit Old World Hotel/Academy to meet one of Clyde's experiments, Bloo
Come face to face with our spooky mummy, Clock-Down
Travel to Moonlight Manor and unravel one of its many mysteries
Trek through an ancient treasure trail, it will take you to another world
Get a sneak peek of our monster, Chester, inside Everly's castle
Wander into an ancient town via Old Castle's moonlit forest
Follow an old map to Skull-King, Old Castle's one and only Ferryman
Take a ferry-ride into Moonmaid City
Visit Kindle Park, to discover some amazing characters

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