Fists, Fangs and Firearms by Emerson Cain | Humans and Vampires and Robots, Oh My!, 10:28 AM

Man needs to control all things
Science solved most of the planet’s problems: Famine. Plague. Climate change. All these complications are a thing of the past thanks to brilliant minds and their creations. 
But still man seeks to control

Time became the new enemy, the only enemy that had yet to be conquered and strangled by man. 
The Stoker Serum was meant to curtail time, make man ageless. And it did, in a way
. It made VAMPIRE.
So man sought to control vampire
But vampires weren’t to be controlled. They fought back. What started as a movement became a crusade against mankind. A war was fought, one that would last a hundred years. 
In their desperation man created ROBOTS. Obedient minions to fight against the vampires.

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