The Icarus Prediction: Betting it all has its price, 4:01 PM

The Icarus Prediction: Betting it all has its price

Jarrod Stryker is a Rhodes Scholar with an MBA from Harvard. He was discharged from the CIA when he fell on his sword to protect the career of the woman he loved. 
Now on Wall Street as the chief energy trader for the hedge fund of Blackenford Capital, he learns the general partner of the firm has made a series of horrible decisions that have put the firm on the brink of bankruptcy. 
To try and save the firm, Jarrod puts his trust behind an artificial-intelligence powered supercomputer which he uses to rationalize a series of risky energy trades. Just as it seems Jarrod's bet has paid off, a confluence of unfolding events unexpectedly dump him on the other side of the globe in the vortex of a terrorist conspiracy.
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