Soul Survival: Instinct and Passion - Thrilling romantic suspense filled with mysticism and drama, 8:16 PM

Strangers Valerie and Ethan have both hit rock bottom. Their many issues—depression and apathy, an abusive spouse and bad life decisions—push them to seek out each other on nonphysical planes. Neither knows exactly why, but they develop a persistent need to find the other and distinguish together what is real in their dreamlike world.

Enter Emerson and Preston—a pair as close to soul mates as any couple could be. Born at the exact same time, their meeting at age five was only a formality; their souls having been linked since long before. Together they developed unique mental and physical abilities due to their exceptional neural makeup and bond. Instead of using their gifts for ill, the only thing they ever want to do is love each other for as long and profoundly as possible...
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