Seduced By The Vigilante: Black Mask - Romantic Suspense that will hook you up from the start to the end, 1:35 PM

There's a dangerous line between duty and desire.

Criminal analyst Catherine Farrow's investigation of a vigilante leads to an erotic encounter with him that leaves her tormented by her love for another man and her desire for a man who kills for justice.
Worn down by the misery she witnesses in her job and escaping a bad relationship, Catherine moves across the country to Kingston, New York to settle into a quiet hiatus. When she meets sensual and mysterious Tom, she delights in a new romance.
But Tom has secret upon secret, and as Catherine soon learns, some of them are deadly. He is Thomas Ambrose, exiled billionaire scion of a monstrously corrupt family, and his wealth and past aren't all that he is hiding...
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