Secret of the Billionaire - Stanley Noris - ...there was only one way to satisfy her needs…kept it a secret., 3:19 PM

Maddison Brooke was a widow with two sons Seth, 15 years old, and Jayden, 12 years old. She owned many five star hotel, resort and spas, as well as high-end restaurants which her husband left for her and their sons. Since her husband died, she and her sons grew further apart. They didn’t want her to remarry, not even has serious relationships with anyone. Maddison didn’t want to make her sons upset which was why she chose to follow her sons' wishes. But deep inside, she still desired a man's touch. Although in her 40’s, she still looked pretty, sexy and hot. She was still attractive to a lot of guys. And given her situation, there was only one way to satisfy her needs…kept it a secret.
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