Roads of the Righteous and the Rotten (Order of Fire Book 1) by Kameron A. Williams, 9:45 AM

"Suspenseful. Surprising. Entertaining. -"
"Unbelievable plot with great character development. This author has great potential and is going places!!! -"
"The story is the type that will linger so long in your memory even after reading it. -"

For too long phantoms have haunted Zar's past, and for too long he's tried to escape them. For years he's wandered through the land of Krii, fleeing from the deeds of darker days and old memories that burden him. 
When his latest adventure mixes him up in the plots of the Condor, a dangerous group planning to overthrow the king, he finally has the chance to redeem himself by preventing a war that would leave the land in ruin.
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