Money: How to See it, Get it and Keep It - 27 proven methods that can put more cash in your pocket, 3:12 PM

What’s unique about the book is that it gives you both practical information on how to maximize the flow of money as well as priceless tips on how to survive in uncertain times. You can’t go wrong as the book was written to help readers create a healthy relationship with money… while making more out of the money they have for both themselves and those they love. 
The book is comprised of 27 proven methods that can put more cash in your pocket in a way that aligns with the Universal flow of energy…since money is a form of energy. For each of the 27 steps, you get 1) the authors’ real experiences; 2) the cause underlying the problem, and 3) the practical solution that also shows you how to proceed should you find yourself facing a similar situation. 
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