Just a Monumental Summer: Girl on the train by M. Schneiders, 3:40 PM

"This novel is as unforgettable as that youthful summer each of us experienced."Chris Vonada, author of The Wellspring of Life 
"This book is a wonderful book for those who enjoy chick-lit, a little romance, and general fiction lovers.  It is a good summer reading book that I would recommend to others." Jen Weiss,

She's beautifully striking, yet conniving under her sheltered guise.
He's a handsome and genuine musician whose next passion becomes her.
It is summer in pre-revolution communist Romania and the timing couldnot be any better...

The book is a story beyond words of unforgettable love, heartbreak and an inevitable growth. It revolves around Mona- a gorgeous woman surrounded by more men than she can want, in the very peak of an extraordinary summer.
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