Fists, Bullet's & One Dead Crime Lord (Novella) by David Gallie, 7:25 PM

A psychopathic private investigator. / A top secret military serum. / A crime lord trying to take over the city.

John Blu has been a private investigator for many years, but when he wakes up in a strange house with a dead body upstairs he suddenly finds himself the target of the city’s biggest crime lord, Chow Lon.
After doing battle with one of Lon’s men John finds himself in possession of a secret military serum known as Liquid Armour. Thinking it’s just another drug, he drinks the serum only to find that it gives him miraculous healing abilities.
Armed with a head for revenge and a body that can’t be harmed, John will stop at nothing to destroy the criminal organization that tried to frame him for murder.
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Tags: Fists, Bullet's & One Dead Crime Lord, mystery, thriller, suspense, best sci-fi thrillers, science fiction, private investigators, criminal organization, murders, action, psychopathic novella, thrilling