Dangerous Secrets of the Heart [Kindle Edition] - Everything was working out perfect…until I met “HIM”., 2:33 PM

Everything seemed to be in place in my life; Almost graduating from school, great boyfriend, mom’s engagement. Everything was working out perfect…until I met “HIM”. 
He is stunning, sexy and possibly the most dangerous person I have ever met; Dangerous because my heart longed for him, dangerous because he was soon to be my stepbrother, dangerous because he is a stone cold killer. But, I couldn’t stop the racing of my heart as I stared into his eyes, my heart longed for him, my body ached for him, my insides screamed his name. 
But as I watched him kill the only person I ever trusted…could I really trust him? 
He says he didn’t do it…but did he? 
What was he hiding? 
What secrets was he keeping? 
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