Booklet for the Young Prophet at Century 21: Engage Your Mind, Conscious Your Spirit. Boost Your Performance, 11:14 AM

This booklet is an essential guide to self-discovery, resolute to ignite concealed prophetic skills within you and by thus help define the map of higher consciousness. It can be a life-changer for individuals who perceive that they have prophetic abilities or are completely oblivious of their gift; This booklet is a how-to-function manual for Thought leaders, Idea makers and Spiritual mentors...
Inside the Booklet For The Young Prophet At Century 21 you will discover a trove of knowledge under the following topics: 
•    A Practical Guide through the Phenomena of prophecy. 
•    How to Boost Performance. 
•    Distinctions between prophecy and judgment. 
•    The Art of oratory. 
And much more
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