A Neighborly Affair - Love inspired suspense about a guy who loves to watch his neighbors, 3:20 PM

David Allen is a guy who loves to watch his neighbors. He fancies himself a protector of the neighborhood waiting to pick his opportunities to satisfy his lust. But when he spies on Amelia Harding with her boyfriend he begins an obsession that can only lead him to face his own demons. 
Amelia Harding is a college student who lives across the street from David, in fact the Hardings have lived across from David for most of Amelia life. The chance meeting in the park of David and Amelia sparks a game of domination and submission sex that will lead David into a dangerous obsession. But Amelia is also looking for someone who she can control. In this first book of a four book erotic romance thriller series we start the journey of a relationship between David and Amelia, who becomes sexually enthralled with have a romance with an older man. 

Is David the lover Amelia's has been searching for? Will David's obsession destroy him and his reputation? Or will he triumph over his demons?
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