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ICE Factor is an experiential marketing agency that reaches consumers in every industry through innovative and eye-catching marketing solutions. Each experiential marketing campaign is designed to provide the optimal experience for your consumers, thereby yielding the maximum return for our clients. Whether you are looking to connect brands with consumers, inspire action, create a buzz, interact with your target market, create a product launch or product awareness, or an interactive national tour, ICE Factor is your solution.
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Start tracking your devices in minutes for FREE! can do more than you can imagine.

Simply install the GPS phone tracking App on the phone or tablet that you wish to locate.
Application will run silently and send locations to your account. GPS Tracker provides you with all of the benefits of a GPS tracking device.
Without the price-tag of expensive hardware solutions. is easy to install and user friendly. It features Activity Reports, Speed Alerts, Warning Areas,
and much more…
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